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Ross Tennent - Retired Police Officer - 289-929-3516

Ontario Cottage Coppers is a province wide network of retired Police Officers and Professional Fire Fighters who check and maintain your home and cottage.

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Did you know?
Insurance companies require that your home be checked at specific intervals while you are away. Simply having a friend or relative "look in" may not suffice if those visits are not properly documented. If damage occurs you may not be covered. We are licensed, bonded, insured professionals. We provide trusted care for your home.

Ontario Cottage Coppers provide reliable and professional property checks for your home or cottage. Each property check is documented by way of written notes and a digital, date stamped photograph. These can be used as evidence in civil court to prove your claim if a dispute occurs between you and your insurance company. Just the fact that this evidence is available to you will often prevent any legal problems. However, our Inspectors have the experience to give evidence on your behalf, if need be, and they will not be easily flustered or discredited by lawyers in court.

Are you Covered? Insurance companies advise their customers that, to ensure your insurance coverage remains in place while you are away, you must have your property checked by a responsible person every certain number of days. The actual number is dictated by your individual policy but it can vary from "once a week" to "once a day". This is not new. In fact, this has been the case for years but now insurance companies often refuse to pay claims in many cases where no checks were done. You can visit the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario web site by clicking on this link:

Do you know what your policy says? Whether it is your home or cottage, damage can occur while you are away that can be very costly to repair. Often times, the sooner the damage is discovered, the less expensive the repair costs may be. Finding problems early can mean the difference between making an insurance claim or not. So, it's very important to have frequent and thorough property checks done to protect your investment.