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Ross Tennent - Retired Police Officer - 289-929-3516

Ontario Cottage Coppers is a province wide network of retired Police Officers and Professional Fire Fighters who check and maintain your home and cottage.

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Just having a neighbor watch the house from next door or across the street is not all that needs to be done. The checks should include exterior and interior inspections of your home from top to bottom. Water damage and animal intrusions are often not visible from the outside. These problems need to be discovered before mould and biohazard contamination sets in.

Ontario Cottage Coppers provide reliable and professional property checks for your home or cottage. Each property check is documented by way of written notes and a digital, date stamped photograph. These can be used as evidence in civil court to prove your claim if a dispute occurs between you and your insurance company. Just the fact that this evidence is available to you will often prevent any legal problems. However, our Inspectors have the experience to give evidence on your behalf, if need be, and they will not be easily flustered or discredited by lawyers in court.

Property Checks
twice weekly, weekly & monthly checks of properties to ensure your premise is secure from water damage, animal intrusions and break-ins for insurance purposes. A digital photo of your residence will be taken on each inspection. Unscheduled inspections may also be arranged.

Alarm Calls
You can give your inspector Key holder status with your alarm company. We will respond to alarm calls at your property on your behalf. You’ll then have a professional, experienced inspector attend to ensure that everything is in order or decide if police or other services are required.

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Severe Weather Inspections Properties checked after storms to check for damage caused by wind, hail, rain or fallen tree limbs. Digital photos can be taken of damage and sent to you via e mail. Repairs can be effected by us or multiple estimates can be obtained from local sub-contractors for insurance purposes.

Our rates for property checks are very reasonable and are often less than other local companies who claim to provide the same service but without the same expertise or experience. Please call for a free estimate for our services.